Level-up Your Lending Experience with Rapid Enterprise

We put you in control – choose from a suite of technology platforms and business services to tailor your Lending-as-a-Service Solution.

Servicing illustration
Servicing illustration

A composable architecture for maximum flexibility.

We use our modules as building blocks to create custom solutions based on your lending goals.

We offer a menu of technology products and business services that fit across the lending lifecycle from origination to servicing and recovery that can help you in many ways. Our product offerings are designed to enhance coverage and interoperability of your lending ecosystem seamlessly.


Launch a Frictionless Lending Program or Grow Your Current One

To enable LAAS we have cloud-based products so you can stay adaptable. Each product solves a distinct lending problem and provides an easy opportunity for growth.

Modular Solutions

End-to-end digital-first technology solutions streamline loan origination & servicing.

Lifetime Customer Value

Seamless customer experience unlock client value & build long-term relationships.

Full Lifecycle Support

Two decades of best-in-class commercial finance experience and lifecycle partner in small business loans and financial product servicing.

Customized Solutions

Unlock efficiencies, enable automation and improve productivity for enterprises and their SMB clients.

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