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Best-in-class commercial servicing, back-up servicing and collections practice to minimize your portfolio’s net loss and maximize returns.

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Servicing illustration


Best in Class Commercial Recoveries Team With Verifiable Credentials

Rapid Recovery rate on Rapid Finance and Partner Write Off Portfolios averages 30%* for the past few years.
Benchmarked at 50% over other competitors Rapid has the highest rate in the industry.

*Rapid Recovery rate on Write Off Portfolios averages 30%+

Highest Recovery Rates

Demonstrated ability to manage loss. Highest recovery rates compared to other securitizations in the current market. Regularly benchmarked performance using advanced credit analyses and extensive data

Compliance Focused

Rapid provides custom financial reporting for all external parties and manages compliance and reputational risk. Rapid Finance is dedicated to balancing the desire for the highest possible collection rate and the least compliance and reputational risk

Technology Enabled

Rapid uses proprietary technology platform (Rapid Lynx) to aid the data insights that lead to a better debtor identification. Thereby leading to a high performance in collections.

Ongoing Performance Monitoring

Rapid provides a suite of standard financial reports and custom reports with configurable metrics that meets your needs. We can also provide asset performance analysis for insight on your portfolio

Rapid R

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